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Year 4's production of Snow White casts a spell on audience

Posted: 24th February 2017

Year 4 have sadly come to the end of an intense and dazzling production week. They have worked their tights, robes, gowns and cotton socks off to produce “Snow White” in just 3 full days.

Every child has had a vital role to play in making the production a huge success, especially in terms of singing, acting, and dancing. Of course, the principal characters with many lines to speak and solos to sing have climbed an incredible mountain to overcome their nerves, but truly every child has earned a very big pat on the back from their form teachers and from the Performing Arts Department.

We congratulate the year group on their superb effort, the Performing Arts Department for producing wonders once again, and Miss Page, Mrs Hendy, Mr Pettit, and Mr Baker for their amazing and selfless support. What an achievement! There is indeed so much talent to continue to enjoy and to look forward to from this year group. Bravo one and all.

Jayne Hornsby
Head of Music and Performing Arts, TPS 

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