Valuing Leadership

Posted: 19th January 2018

To start off this week’s Courier, I thought you might like a joke. How many trombonists does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one, but he’ll do it too loudly! If you are wondering why on earth I am telling trombone jokes, then please do take a look at the videos of the RAF Wind Band’s visit to our school last Tuesday on the Taunton School Facebook page. There is one video of a certain headmaster attempting to play the trombone, and there is one of the whole school singing along to ‘Frozen’ (yes, even the teachers!). One of them has 5,000 views and one of them has 1,000 views – I shall allow you to guess which one comes out on top! We are extremely grateful to the RAF Band for giving us such an entertaining concert and to see so many top-class professional musicians in the flesh was very inspiring for all of our budding musicians. Every member of the RAF Band put his or her hand up when I asked how many of them had played instruments in a band or orchestra at school.

Wednesday afternoon at school was full of energy and enthusiasm for the matches, as always. We had a phenomenal amount of wins amongst our home games and to see the girls and boys enjoying their successes was lovely to see. It was generally tougher for our travelling teams on Wednesday, but if our boys and girls try their best and support each other, no-one can ask any more of them. 

Having mentioned the launch of our Boys’ Choir in last week’s welcome bulletin, I was absolutely delighted that 23 boys chose to attend the rehearsal yesterday. The sounds of ‘Walking on Sunshine’ were ringing out of Centenary Hall to brighten up everyone’s day! There is still space for more boys to join in, if they are inspired by what they have heard already!

Finally, our value for the week in TPS has been ‘Leadership’. Part of our whole school mission is to challenge pupils, and we can challenge our pupils by giving them opportunities to develop their Leadership skills. In all year groups of the school, we want them to be showing initiative, leading others by setting good examples, and carrying out tasks and roles of responsibility. By aiming high and by giving the pupils the appropriate support, we can continue to make our school a challenging and exciting place to be!

Andrew Edwards, Headmaster TPS

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