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Antigone – 'No Tragedy'

Posted: 26th April 2018

On Wednesday and Thursday, our Taunton School drama students delivered fantastic perfomances in their production of Antigone, by the noted playwright Sophocles. It was a dramatic and passionate play that showcased their exceptional talent and was enjoyed by all.

Melanie Stamp’s clever, imaginative and inclusive production of Antigone was terrific, right up there at the top of the high standards consistently being set by the School Drama Department.
Fran Hill’s Antigone can only be described as superb; her body, facial expressions and intonation fiercely expressing the outrage and hurt caused by the injustice and foolishness of Creon, himself brilliantly portrayed by the domineering, powerful and finally humbled Chikere Jumbo. Charlie Foster, not usually a thespian in daily school life, nearly stole the show with his amusing and demonstrative portrayal of the Sentry. As ever supported by Team Waller the technical element was exceptional and the whole talented Cast have clearly enjoyed the rehearsing for and final presentation of this colourful and thought provoking tragedy.

Simon Nicholson

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