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Prep School boarders give remarkable assembly

Posted: 27th March 2020

a class assembly at a private school in Surrey

In recent weeks the staff and children in our Prep Boarding House – ‘Thone’ – put together their much anticipated annual assembly to present to the school. With friends from throughout the school community present to support them, the children discussed the benefits of boarding life and the qualities, values and experiences that life as a boarder promotes.

With reference to TPS Mission Wheel the children provided examples of how life in Thone promotes the 12 words depicted within the wheel, demonstrating how they are all challenged, nurtured and inspired on a daily basis. They took the opportunity to add to the wheel highlighting five further qualities of their own that that are paramount in Thone: support, humour, trust, empathy and loyalty. The final message, as illustrated in their own Mission Wheel, made reference to  family being at the heart of everything in Thone.

The video that followed was quite remarkable. With their own voices in the background, the children gave the audience a glimpse into life in the house, further highlighting the qualities, values and experiences that life in Thone truly does bestow.

A fabulous and thought provoking assembly that left you rightly inspired by our wonderful boarding community. A huge thank you to all the staff and pupils involved.

Mrs Katherine Wells, Head of Boarding

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