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Competition and Rebuttal abound at the Junior Inter-House Debating

Posted: 30th March 2020

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Year 9 and 10 students provided an excellent evening of public speaking and debating for the Junior Inter-House Debating Competition on Friday 13 March.

The standard was high with a strong element of assertive debating and a number of notable performances; a record thirteen houses from across three parts of the school entered teams, Marshall entering a second debating team hors concours to even up the Main Debates.

Everyone should be congratulated for taking part, but hitting the most points overall were Marshall, closely followed by Jenkin and then Goodland. Marshall dominated the
public speaking competitions, being in the top four for all three categories; however, other outstanding performances in the Impromptu Speaking and Interpretative Reading were offered by Bevan and Jenkin, and in the Persuasive Speaking by Wills West, Besley and TSIMS.

Despite significant competition and rebuttal, Goodland stole the prize for the Main Debate, with Weirfield hard on their heels, and Evans just behind. The Best Individual Speaker was judged to be Ben Redrup, while Jack Butler and Nathan Roberts are clearly ones to watch.

Well done and thanks to everyone for taking part and making judging and spectating such an enjoyable experience.

Many thanks also to the timers, judges, helpers and supporters who made the event run so smoothly.

Susannah Commings
Classic Civilisation Teacher


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