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Poets crowned winners of Taunton School National Poetry Day Competition

Posted: 19th October 2021

National Poetry Day Competition

To celebrate National Poetry Day, the English department invited TS pupils to write a poetry inspired by the theme of ‘Choices’. The judges were inundated with entries and would like to thank everyone for taking part in the competition. Prizes were awarded to the following students:

  1. First Prize: Monster of Choice, Rebecca L
  2. Second Prize: Falling,  Catherine K
  3. Third Prize: Choices, Elsa C

Please find below a copy of the winning poem:

Monster of choice 


Puppet on a string,

Held by a thread.

The truth is going to sting,

That it lurks under your bed.


It forces your hand

And promises your freedom,

As time slips in the hourglass like sand.

Soon you need to feed it.


The monster consumes you,

Flesh and bones and blood.

You’re stuck passing through

A path carved from the flood, full with mud.


Soles stuck to the floor.

The monster whispers in your ear,

Closes another door.


Till all you’ve got is left or right,

Till all you’ve got is fight or flight.


You scream a final call,

And then you fall


Pushed off the edge.


Rebecca L

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