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Taunton School mathematician achieves top score in UK Mathematics Challenge

Posted: 15th March 2022

Sixteen-year-old Year 11 Taunton School student Maksim has been named in the top 6% of school mathematicians in the UK after achieving a gold award in the UK Mathematics Challenge.

Of all the students that took part, Maksim’s score of 121 points was the best across the whole of Taunton School.

Elsewhere in the school, 13 other students also achieved gold awards, which means they performed in the top 6-7% of the entrants across the UK and qualified for a higher-level challenge round.

These students included:

Year 9 Rohan

Year 10 Shafin

Year 10 Jack

Year 10 Oscar

Year 10 Alan

Year 10 Timofei

Year 11 Jasmine

Year 11 Derrick

Year 11 Lily

Year 11 Mochi

Year 11 Kris

Year 11 Eric

Year 11 Tony

The UK Maths Challenge is a 60-minute, multiple-choice examination where the problems are designed to encourage mathematical reasoning and precision of thought.

Generally, only 50% of students who enter this exam gain an award across the UK. At Taunton School, 81% of Taunton School students gained an award this year.

At Taunton School, students follow the Edexcel iGCSE course. The iGCSE provides excellent preparation for further study of mathematics in the Sixth Form whether studying A-Levels or the IB.

The iGCSE course covers Algebra including equations, formulae and identities; Number including number systems, calculations and solving numerical problems; Shape & Space including geometry and vectors and Data Handling including statistics, with over half of the course being related to the study of algebra. Key additional topics in the iGCSE include the study of elementary Calculus, Set Theory and Functions.

The iGCSE offers a course which is very highly regarded by universities and employers, whilst also being more accessible to those for whom English is not their first language.

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