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Students settle into life at Taunton School International Middle School

Posted: 27th September 2022

Taunton School International Middle School students

Over the past few weeks the students at Taunton School International Middle School (TSIMS, or The Grange) have delved into a variety of activities such as bowling, and an assault and ropes course at the Ultimate Adventure Centre in Bideford. Here the students tested their resilience, motivated one another to get stuck in and created lasting memories together of their initial few weeks at TSIMS. During this trip the students came together at the end of the evening to roast marshmallows, tell jokes, and sing campfire songs around the firepit.

Since beginning the autumn term, the TSIMS students have celebrated special days such as the International Day of Peace and the European Day of Languages. In celebration of International Day of Peace and in recognition of the school’s diverse population, the students demonstrated their unity and respect for one another by organising themselves into the nuclear disarmament (peace) symbol in the garden.

Finally, the students at the Grange have been busy exploring a range of clubs and evening activities on offer. Last Wednesday evening they enjoyed some delicious crepes, Thursday night they made smoothies and across the week they have attended lunchtime clubs such as the debating club, art club and multi-sport club to challenge their skills and nurture their interests.

View photos from their activities from their first month on Flickr

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