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New Good Schools Guide Review

Posted: 5th January 2023

The Good Schools Guide visits Taunton School

“In 20 years of visiting schools this writer had never heard so many plaudits about the quality of care”

Taunton School has received a glowing review in The Good Schools Guide, having been described as ‘down-to-earth, diverse and caring’, and a school where ‘pastoral care stands first and foremost.’

The school was reviewed at the end of last year and both the Prep and Senior schools have received outstanding feedback. The review drew attention to the school’s caring ethos, with one statement claiming ‘in 20 years of visiting schools this writer had never heard so many plaudits about the quality of care’. Taunton School puts student well-being at the heart of everything, so to have this emphasis recognised is excellent news.

Vibrant and exciting

As well as commending the pastoral support of the school, recognition was given to the exceptional breadth of academic pathways and to areas such as art, music, DT and sport. The ‘vibrant and exciting’ art department for example, or the design technology courses that set out ‘to inspire the next generation of designers and problem-solvers.’ Pupils across the Taunton School campus are able to enjoy a breadth of facilities, from the ‘central neo-gothic building to the more modern, all ultra spick and span.’ This range was praised as the report recognised the diversity in architecture and the modern additions of the new theatre, ‘wonderful new library’, new Sixth Form Centre, ‘the vast’ dining hall and Green Heart landscaping project in the centre of the school.

Prep School joy

Taunton Prep School was described as ‘a terrific all-rounder school that offers excellence in everything from academics to sport’. It was noted how happy the children were and how they ‘clearly love their time here’.

Whilst visiting the Good Schools Guide reviewer sat in on lessons, toured the school and spoke to both staff and pupils. They commented that ‘the lessons we saw were exciting and engaging, with children focused and happy’.

The full reviews of both schools are an accolade to the broad education that Taunton School provides, and can be read in full here alongside other awards and reviews that Taunton School have received.


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