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What are the Benefits of Boarding School for Military Families?

Posted: 11th July 2023

Taunton School has a long history of providing a stable home and a sense of belonging to children of military families. Both the prep school and senior school provide support to students as life at home can be disruptive when one or both parents are in the military. So what are the benefits of sending your child to boarding school if you are in the military?

Consistency & Stability

Sending your child to a boarding school can provide them with a stability and consistency that they may not be able to get from military life. At Taunton School we pride ourselves on providing each child with a sense of belonging. We are one inclusive family, where every student is given the freedom to be themselves whilst they develop their academic excellence. Our diverse community of over 500 boarders is rooted in family life; boarders spend meal times together, have social time every evening and enjoy a plethora of trips over the weekends. This allows them to make strong bonds with their housemates and all the boarding staff. The weekly routine provides the consistency that children need whilst giving them the chance to create connections that go beyond the classroom, and are often lifelong.

Extra-Curricular Options and Boarding Facilities

Taunton School has an extensive co-curricual offering with over 150 different activites and societies available to all students, you can read more about this in our Horizons Brochure.

Boarding students are fortunate to have the entire 56-acre campus at their fingertips during their evenings and weekends. There are two swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, a theatre, a gym, kitchens, endless green fields and much more for them to enjoy in their free time. As well as creating an inspiring learning environment, we have worked hard at Taunton School to also encourage students to unearth their potential in areas such as sport, music, drama, art and more.

The campus is also home to the largest CCF (Combined Cadet Force) in the South West, allowing students to explore their own futures in different branches of the military.

Outstanding Educational Standards

We strive for academic excellence and always try to provide a word-class education to help mould your children into the thought leaders of tomorrow. By becoming part of the Taunton School family, your child will benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong emphasis on English, Mathematics and Science, taught by highly-qualified teachers.

Your children will also have access to a dedicated Learning Success Department comprising of highly qualified specialist teachers offering additional support if required, your child will develop a passion for learning as well as enjoying a rich and varied life outside of the classroom.

Trips and Excusrions

Which part of boarding do students love the most? It has to be the exciting timetable of trips and excursions they get to go on. Every weekend the Prep Boarders enjoy a house trip to various places across the South West such as theme parks, skate parks, shopping malls, water parks and beaches. The Senior Boarders also have trips to a variety of locations or the option to have downtime or explore the local town. We are lucky to have so many beautiful places to explore on our doorstep in Somerset, making the weekends many students’ favourite part about being a boarder.

Strong Ties with the Military

Taunton school has a long history of providing a home from home to military children. We are located near RM Norton Manor and not too far from RNAS Yeovilton meaning we have a strong navy community and many alumni who were children of staff at these bases. We, of course, still welcome families from all backgrounds and have students whose families are in all branches of the military.

Military Boarding at Taunton School

Boarding school can pose numerous benefits for both the children and parents of military families. By providing a holistic and stable environment for the child and reassurance as well as flexibility for the parent. At Taunton School, we value diversity and inclusivity which is why we offer significant financial support to military families in receipt of the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) to help make affording boarding school easier.

Please visit our pages on prep school for military parents and sixth form school for military families pages for more information on fees and scholarships for military families. For more information on boarding for military families please speak to a member of our admissions team today.

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