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Old Tauntonian Tom Abell’s Sponsorship Event Inspires Young Cricketers

Posted: 10th October 2023

As a proud player sponsor of Tom Abell (Old Tauntonian), we were invited to the last match of the season to meet the players and receive a signed playing shirt.

Additionally, five junior cricketers were also invited to attend the event and were fortunate enough to meet Tom, to discuss all things cricket and Taunton School. Not only that, but they also participated in a quiz with Tom as their teammate. The event showcased the rewards of hard work, dedication, and the right attitude.

Tom serves as an excellent role model for young athletes and his commitment to nurturing young talent is admirable. The students thoroughly enjoyed the event and expressed their eagerness to return to the County Ground as players in the future.

Taunton School recognises the importance of fostering a strong connection between established athletes and aspiring youngsters. Such interactions not only motivate young athletes but also provide them with valuable insights and guidance to excel in their chosen sport.

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