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Students Celebrate Intermediate Maths Challenge Success

Posted: 11th April 2024

We are thrilled to share our students’ remarkable achievements in the recent Intermediate Maths Challenge (IMC). Demonstrating exceptional mathematical talent, students across Taunton School have collectively earned an impressive tally of accolades, including 26 gold and silver certificates at Taunton Senior School alone. This feat becomes even more notable with the addition of 3 gold certificates from TSIMS, 11 silver and gold from TSI, and a sweeping collection of over 50 bronze certificates across the board. Read this blog post to find out why studying maths in TSIMS and TSI is beneficial for international students.

The IMC is a prestigious nationwide competition designed to stimulate young minds through mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency. The challenge consists of a 60-minute, 25-question multiple-choice paper, engaging students from most UK schools in complex problem-solving and critical thinking. The top 50% of scorers earn certificates in Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with the distribution reflecting a 3:2:1 ratio.

This structure places our gold and silver certificate winners in the top 25%, with gold recipients ranking in the upper 8%, an indicator of exceptional mathematical prowess. Beyond the certificates, the IMC opens doors to further opportunities for outstanding participants. The highest achievers are invited to participate in the follow-on rounds, known as the Grey and Pink Kangaroos. This year, several of our students have received this honour, marking them among the few thousand in the UK to qualify based on their IMC scores.

The Grey Kangaroo round, aimed at Year 9 students, will see Benji Kingston of Taunton School and Laurinda Liu from TSIMS taking part. The Pink Kangaroo, targeting Years 10 and 11, boasts a list of qualifiers including Petr Astakhov and Billy Guo from TSI, and James Collins, Thomas Dutton, Robbie Eckley from Year 10 and 11 at Taunton Senior School, among others.

These achievements underscore the hard work, dedication, and passion for mathematics that our students and their teachers share. The success in the IMC is a testament to their collective effort and the high standard of mathematical education provided across Taunton School. As we celebrate these accomplishments, we also look forward to the continued success of our students in the Grey and Pink Kangaroo rounds and beyond.

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