One-Year GCSE/Pre-IB Programme: Ages 15 – 16

One-Year GCSE/Pre-IB Programme: Ages 15 – 16

Taunton School has been running the One-year GCSE/Pre-IB programme for more than 25 years and provides the ideal option for those British or international students (aged 15 or 16) who are looking for a fast-track pathway to Sixth Form study.  This course allows students to acquire the necessary GCSE passes to apply for A Level, IB, BTEC or the Foundation programme in just one year, thus saving time and money.

TSI has places for up to 70 students on the GCSE/Pre-IB programme and with specialist teachers, individual tutor support and regular assessment and feedback, students are afforded the very best opportunity to achieve their full potential.

To access the one-year GCSE/Pre-IB programme, students should have an English level of between B1 and C2 (IELTS 5.0 or higher).

Students are based on our Taunton School International (TSI) campus (part of the whole school campus), which means all of our students enjoy numerous opportunities to integrate with the Senior School students, for example, in sport, music, art, drama, clubs, house competitions and weekend trips.

Students study English (First or Second Language) and Mathematics plus up to three more subjects during the school day.  There are also additional subjects available as after-school options (see below).  

As this course covers two-years’ worth of work in just one year, we expect all of our students to work to their full potential and indeed, to commit to a significant amount of private study.  Teachers and tutors are always available to offer support when it is needed, and students are monitored closely throughout the year to ensure they are meeting their targets.

Core subjects are English as a First Language or English as a Second Language, Maths and Own Language (where it exists as a GCSE).

GCSE options are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Psychology, Business Studies, Economics, Travel & Tourism, Computer Science, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Design Technology (DT), Art, Media Studies, Music*, French*, German*, Spanish* & Latin*.

Note that subjects marked with an asterisk (*) are studied outside of the standard timetable and require a significant amount of additional private study.

Successful completion of the One-year GCSE/Pre-IB programme enables our students to secure a Sixth Form place, either at the Senior School (to study A Levels, the IB or BTEC) or at TSI (to study on our two-year Business Foundation programme).

For further support and advice, please contact our Admissions Team, who will be happy to help you with any questions you might have or to take you through the application process.