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Through a combination of collaborative work, structured play and practical activities, our balanced curriculum covers all aspects of your child’s development. From social, emotional and physical, to intellectual development, the Pre-Prep years at Taunton School help to form keen inquisitive learners that continue to flourish throughout their educational journey.

Working through the Foundation Stage Curriculum and progressing towards KS1 of the National Curriculum, Reception covers the following learning areas in line with the Early Learning Goals.

Attitudes and Dispositions
Focusing on developing self awareness and asserting independence, children will become mindful and respectful of others, their cultures and beliefs. They will also begin to distinguish right from wrong and develop a keen interest to learn.

Language and Literacy
Language and Literacy focuses on developing children’s listening, speaking, writing and reading skills, enabling them to effectively express themselves through the spoken and written word.

Mathematical Development
As part of children’s mathematical development in Reception, they will become familiar with numbers, adding and subtracting and using mathematical ideas to solve practical problems.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Children will begin to explore their environment, culture and the beliefs of others, whilst developing an understanding of why things happen and how things work in the world around them.

Physical Development
Physical development aims to develop children’s spatial awareness, control and co-ordination through using a range of tools and equipment. They’ll also learn the importance of keeping healthy.

Creative Development
Children will learn to express themselves creatively through dance, music, imaginative play, stories, role play, art and design, whilst exploring colour, texture, shape, form and space.

Personal, Social and Health Education
Concentrating on personal, emotional and physical development, children will learn the importance of friendship, healthy living, safety and respect for others.