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Year 2

Year 2 of Pre-Prep follows on with the now familiar subjects of Year 1 and continues to aid social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

English – Speaking and Listening
As well as being tutored in giving, receiving and following instructions accurately, children will read and present work to the class and participate in year group assemblies to build confidence in speaking and sharing opinions.

English – Reading
Children will gain confidence whilst reading aloud through group reading activities and predicting and retelling stories as they develop a wide range of reading strategies.

English – Writing
Through a combination of weekly spelling tests and dictation, children will learn about grammar, accurate writing and develop a variety of writing styles, as well as writing stories with structure and imagination.

As part of children’s mathematical development in Year 2, they will work with numbers up to 1000, fractions, number patterns, data handling and the rapid mental manipulation of numbers, as well as continue to build on their adding and subtracting skills.

Science in Year 2 covers the Earth and beyond and includes many interesting topics, such as exploring electricity, plant life and forces and change.

As well as developing data recording skills and learning basic map skills, compass points and direction, pupils will explore farming, weather and seasonal change and compare contrasting countries.

Year 2 children will explore timelines, the origins and development of farming through time, plus discover the history of transport, inventors and their inventions.

Religious Education
Continuing on from Year 1, children will learn about other cultures, faiths and beliefs, as well as exploring traditional Christian values.

Children will continue to develop their painting, drawing, designing and modelling skills by exploring different techniques and learning about the works of other artists, as well as enjoy topic and theme based art.

Physical Education
Pupils’ physical development continues with participation in many activities, including music and movement, swimming, dance, gymnastics, athletics and competitive sports and games.

Design Technology
Through topic-led design and make projects, Year 2 children will work with a range of materials and tools, whilst developing their knowledge of health and safety.

Information and Communication Technology
Children will learn how to communicate and handle information whilst utilising a variety of Information Communication Technology equipment and software.

Pupils will learn how to recognise musical elements and develop an understanding of listening and appraisal of music. Plus, have many opportunities to compose and perform.

Personal, Social and Health Education
Children’s personal, emotional and physical development continues with learning the importance of respecting others and building friendships, as well as the importance of safety and healthy living.

Homework in Year 2 is designed to reinforce classroom activities and could include reading, spelling, phonics and key words, as well as extension and reinforcement work.