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Extension, enrichment and challenge

Every Saturday, Years 7 and 8 meet at 8.30am for a half hour session that aims to enrich and inspire, taking pupils beyond the day to day curriculum that we provide at TPS. 

The broad focus of the enrichment sessions is to encourage what I term “big picture thinking” amongst our pupils. In addition, the aim is to introduce pupils to new ideas and to foster a desire to be curious learners.  Sessions are sometimes led by a member of staff (from TPS or the senior school) or by a group of pupils themselves.  Last term we had a superb presentation on Tolerance and Inclusivity that was delivered by a group of Year 8 pupils.  The entire presentation was the brainchild of the pupils themselves and was written and organised by them too.  Other staff led presentations have been on  topics such as career choices, creating a sustainable future for our food, fun with language, literary fairytales and technological innovation.  The pupils are encouraged to get actively involved in these sessions with question and answer sessions as well as interactive sessions using the school ipads for surveys and quizzes.  There are also presentations on important safeguarding issues such as safe use of social media platforms and mental health updates. 

The weekly enrichment programme also includes performances from the Music, Drama and Dance Scholars.  Wherever possible, links are made with the Senior School and performances such as these from the Creative Arts team at TPS are made in conjunction with scholars in higher year groups. 

Upcoming Open Day

Join us Saturday the 27th for our Whole School in-person Open Day

Book here: https://www.tauntonschool.co.uk/open-mornings/