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At Taunton School International, we provide a safe, happy and respectful environment in which we nurture, challenge and inspire young people of diverse nationalities to achieve their full potential. For international students applying to Taunton School, there are several options to consider, based on age, level of English, prior knowledge, subject preference and future career ambitions.

Taunton School comprises of two International Schools:

  • Taunton School International Middle School, or ‘TSIMS’, for our younger students (8 – 14 years) which provides a broad curriculum for international students with levels of English between A0 – B1.
  • Taunton School International, or ‘TSI’, for older international students (14 – 18 years) which is situated on the main 56-acre site.  Here, students can take GCSEs in one or two years or enrol on our Business Foundation programme for Sixth Form aged students.

Or, for international students with high levels of English (B2+), we may recommend you attend our Prep School (for 7 – 13 year old students) or Senior School (for 13 – 18 year old students).

Academically, we offer a range of exciting and inspiring courses, with a wide curriculum and a huge amount of individual support from teachers and tutors.  Learning is often tailored to the individual needs of the student and we make sure that parents are kept up-to-date with their child’s progress.

With all of our students away from home and their family and friends, we know how important it is to provide the very best in pastoral care.  Our highly experienced and caring house staff are always on hand to provide whatever support is needed, complemented by our Health Centre staff, comprising doctors, nurses, counsellors and physiotherapist.

All of our international students make full use of the outstanding facilities on the 56-acre Taunton School campus, including two indoor swimming pools, sports halls, fitness suite, climbing wall, tennis & squash courts, football pitches, music school, theatre, dance studio, library, sixth form centre, art school and the soon to be completed multi-million pound dining hall.

When you join Taunton School International, you instantly become part of a very warm, caring and supportive community with students from all over the world. You will also integrate with the British students at the Senior and Prep Schools in a variety of ways, for example, in sport, music, art, drama, lectures, social events, after-school clubs, weekend trips and inter-house competitions.

At Taunton School International you will be afforded the very best opportunities a British private school education can provide and I very much look forward to meeting you on our virtual Open Morning.

Taunton School International (TSI)

International Middle School (TSIMS)


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What level of English is required to attend the International Schools?

  • TSIMS accepts students with levels of English from low A1 (Elementary) to low B1 (lower-Intermediate)
  • TSI accepts students with levels of English from B1 (Intermediate) to C2 (native speaker)

How many students are there at the International schools?

  • Up to 60 at TSIMS
  • Up to 85 at TSI
  • Note that in the Senior School, there are approximately 540 students

How many students are in a class?

  • The maximum class size is 10 (up to the age of 15) with the average being 8 students per class
  • From 16 – 18, the maximum class size is 12, with the average being 9 students per class


What courses are on offer at the International schools?


  • Young learners programme– a wide curriculum preparing students for entry into mainstream boarding school (8 – 12 year old)
  • Pre-GCSE programme (13 – 14 years old)


  • Two-year GCSE programme (14 – 15 years old)
  • One-year GCSE programme (15 – 16 years old)
  • Pre-Foundation programme (16 – 17 years old)
  • International Foundation Year (17 – 18 years old)


How long do students usually spend at the International schools?

  • At TSIMS, students transfer to the Prep or Senior school when their level of English reaches a high B1 level and this can take between one term and two years, depending on the student’s level of English upon entry
  • At TSI, students spend between 1 – 2 years studying GCSEs before moving on to the Sixth Form &/or 1 – 2 years studying on the Business Foundation programme before moving on to University.

Do you have Saturday school?

Lessons take place on a Saturday morning with sporting fixtures in the afternoon.


Is there an entrance exam?

As a non-selective school, we do not have entrance exams as such, although students are required to sit an English and non-verbal reasoning test as part of the admissions process.


Do you publish your exam results?

Exam results are shown on our website.

Can we apply for a scholarship?

Prospective students are welcome to apply for the Foxcombe 25 Scholarship which is only available for September 2021 entry. The successful applicants will receive a 25% scholarship fee remission. The application deadline is Friday 30th July 2021. To find out more information please click here.

How many boarders do you have?

Boarding is usually 100% at the International schools, although day places are available


How many students share a room in the boarding houses?

  • At TSIMS, bedrooms are for between 2 – 4 boarders
  • At TSI, single, twin and triple rooms are available for GCSE students.  Foundation students are guaranteed a twin or single room.
  • Boarders do not share a room with someone who speaks the same language

Do the International students integrate with the British students?

There are many ways in which the International students integrate with British students at the school, including sport, music, art, drama, after-school activities, weekend trips, at meal times and through inter-house competitions

Are there any exeat weekends?

There are no exeat weekends at the International schools.

What happens if my child feels unwell?

  • The school has its own Health Centre, available 24-hours a day, with access to doctors, nurses, a mental health nurse, counsellors and physiotherapist.
  • Additional medical support is available from the nearby Musgrove Park Hospital

Are school tours available?

Parents and their children are welcome to visit the school at any time, although we encourage you to do so during term time when the school is at its most vibrant.


When is the best time to visit?

It is best to see classes in action during term time and we usually allow approximately two hours for a visit.

How do we apply for a place in the International Schools?

Please contact our International Admissions Manager, on 01823 703217 or via email: admissions@tauntonschool.co.uk.  Alternatively, complete the form below to reach our Admissions team directly.

What are the school fees?

School fees are shown on our website and include tuition and most school activities, games and prep, textbooks, pupils’ personal accident insurance, a contribution to travel and accommodation when representing the school, travel to matches and match teas, wi-fi and internet access. The boarding fee includes all of the above as well as breakfast, lunch, supper and evening snacks, healthcare and laundry.

How far in advance do I need to register?

As the number of places at the International schools are relatively limited, it is best to register as early as possible, particularly as some of the courses on offer have a maximum capacity of just 12 students.

Who should we contact with our questions?

Our International Admissions Manager, will be delighted to speak to you and/or to receive your emails.  They will guide you through the admissions process and answer any questions you may have along the way.  They recognise the importance of this decision for your family and will do all they can to assist you with your application to Taunton School.

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