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13+ Scholarships

A registration form is available by clicking here and the entry form is available by clicking here. Both should be returned to the Registrar, Taunton School by the deadline date, as stated below and on the form.

Taunton School offers Scholarships and Awards to recognise academic, artistic, musical, athletic, technological and all round talent to candidates for Year 9.  Applicants must be under 14 years on 1 September in the year of entry.

There are a number of Major and Minor Awards of up to 40% (and in exceptional circumstances 50%) of the tuition fee and consideration will be given to bursaries up to a similar value, awarded at the Headmaster’s discretion.   

The dates of the various examinations and assessments are set out below:


NB:  Entries that arrive after the published date will not be included.

Academic and All Rounder Examinations - Monday 26 January 2015

NB:  All Rounder disciplines will be assessed and interviews take place as below:

Sports Interviews & Assessments - Tuesday 27 January 2015

Art Scholarships - Electronic portfolios and personal statements should reach the Head of Art via email: by Tuesday 13 January 2015; Interviews and a practical test: Tuesday 27 January 2015

Drama / Music / ICT / D&T - Wednesday 28 January 2015


The Headteacher of the candidate’s present school should be advised of the application.  When the application has been received, the candidate’s present Headteacher will be approached for a confidential report.  For internal candidates, the relevant staff will be advised of the application and approached for a confidential report.


The criteria and procedures for each Award are set out below.  It is possible for candidates to enter for a maximum of two Awards plus All Rounder.




The Scholarships are open to applicants from within or outside the School, either as day or boarding pupils, and are awarded on academic merit and potential.  Candidates will normally be required to sit the examinations at Taunton School on Monday 26 January 2015.  Special consideration will be given for overseas candidates to sit the examinations at their own school.


Candidates will sit four papers (45 minutes each).  Maths and English are compulsory, but candidates can choose two other papers from the list of optional subjects on the entry form.  Candidates will also choose from one of their academic exam subjects and have a 10-minute interview with the Head of Department of that chosen department.  Candidates will also attend an interview with the Headmaster; dates and times will be advised.  


Candidates for the Macpherson All Rounder Awards will take the examinations on Monday 26 January 2015.  The format will be the same as for the Academic scholarships and a timetable will be provided nearer the time. 


Candidates should show a high degree of competence in academic work as well as showing skills in one or more of the following disciplines: Art, Drama, Music or Sport.   All Rounder interviews and assessments will take place on the same day and follow the same format as detailed for each of the corresponding disciplines below and the same requirements will apply. 

NB:  Sport and Art interviews and assessments will take place on Tuesday 27 January 2015; Drama, ICT, D&T and Music interviews and auditions will take place on Wednesday 28 January 2015. All Rounder candidates will also attend an interview with the Headmaster; dates and times will be advised. 


The application process consists of three parts:

Part 1: All applicants should submit an ELECTRONIC PORTFOLIO consisting of a maximum of 10 pieces of work plus a short PERSONAL STATEMENT explaining the nature of the work (maximum 200 words). Portfolios in other formats will not be accepted. The electronic portfolio and personal statement should be emailed to the Head of Art, Dr Lotte Hammer on  The portfolio selection should illustrate the student’s ability to work with a wide range of materials and techniques at a high level (eg drawings from life, paintings from observation, works in three dimensions and experiments with mixed media). It is important to show idea development, creativity and originality. In other words, please include pictures of exciting sketchbook pages. Work produced in and outside of school is equally welcome.

Part 2: The applicants with the strongest portfolios will be invited to sit a practical test during which they will be expected to draw from life. The test will last approximately 1 hour.  All materials will be provided, however applicants are welcome to bring their own pencils etc.

Part 3: The selected candidates will attend a short informal interview during which they will get the opportunity to discuss their work. We expect the applicants to bring the original 10 pieces of work from their electronic portfolio with them to the interview.

Electronic portfolios and personal statements should reach the Head of Art by Tuesday 13 January 2015.  Interviews and a practical test: Tuesday 28 January 2014.  If you have any questions relating to the Art Scholarships, please contact the Head of Art, on the email address  above.


Music auditions and interviews will take place in the Music School on Wednesday 28 January 2015.  Candidates should be Grade 5 standard on their first instrument (although we will consider candidates of a lower standard based on potential) and will be asked to perform two pieces in an audition; there will also be sight-reading and aural tests.  Candidates should also be prepared to offer a second instrument.  Successful candidates, in addition to the awards mentioned above, will receive free tuition in an orchestral instrument, in school (one lesson per week during term time).  Singers are also encouraged to apply.  All Rounder candidates who choose Music as their support discipline will also audition on Wednesday 28 January 2015.

The Director of Music, Mr Mark Cracknell, is pleased to meet possible music scholars at any time throughout the year to discuss their prospects informally, answer questions and show them round the Music School. 

If you have any questions relating to the Music Scholarship, please email the Director of Music on


Auditions and interviews will be held on Wednesday 28 January 2015 in the Drama Studio.  On the day, candidates will be asked to write an essay on the topic “Discuss the Benefits of Drama as part of the School Curriculum”.  Candidates may research this topic in advance and bring notes with them.  Candidates should also select and prepare two contrasting pieces from published plays to perform on the day.  These pieces should be no longer than two minutes each and may not be material prepared for external Speech and Drama examinations.  There will also be an interview of approximately ten minutes with the Head of Drama, during which the monologues will be performed.  The same procedure is applicable to All Rounder candidates who choose Drama as their support discipline.  If you have any queries relating to Drama Scholarships, please contact Mrs Jane Harris, Head of Drama by emailing


Being a Design & Technology scholar is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience with numerous opportunities to work in a very well-resourced state of the art Department.  A successful scholar would be expected to participate in the co-curricular activities and initiatives that the Department facilitates.  We expect high standards and commitment from such a scholar and they should be an ambassador for both the subject and the School. 


The scholarship interview process will consist of a 45 minute written examination and an interview with the Head of Design and Technology. At interview you are expected to bring a small portfolio of work from the past three years; including photographs of practical work (please do not bring the manufactured item with you). The portfolio will be held by the school after the interview process, therefore we request that you do not submit originals that you may wish to retain. The design and manufacture based portfolio could include projects carried out inside and out of school. The examination and interview will take place on Wednesday 28 January 2015.  If you have any questions relating to the D&T Scholarships, please contact Mr Jon Baker, Head of D&T by emailing


Candidates will be asked to attend an informal interview, bringing with them a folio of work.  The folio should fully demonstrate the candidate’s ability in ICT and should draw from a range of ICT disciplines. Where possible, this should be an ICT solution to a real world problem.  This work can be shown electronically (either on-line or on other media) or in some cases on paper.  Care should be taken in terms of contextualising the submission so that it is in an appropriate form that fully demonstrates the candidate’s strengths.


During the interview, the candidate will have the opportunity of discussing their work to build a wider picture of their strengths in ICT.  They will be expected to show an understanding of how ICT can affect and shape society.  Interviews will take place on Wednesday 28 January 2015.  If you have any questions relating to the ICT Scholarship, please email Mr Dave Parvin, Head of ICT on




The Gerrard Awards are made to candidates of outstanding ability or potential in the field of Sports.  They presuppose a high degree of motivation and commitment on the part of the candidate.  Candidates will be required to attend a practical assessment and interview.  The practical assessment will be held in the Sports Hall and normal PE/games kit should be worn for this.  It will consist of two parts:

Part 1: some tests of running, agility and hand eye coordination; and

Part 2: some basic skills’ tests in some of the School’s major games.  It is accepted that not all candidates will be familiar with all of those games.  It is not essential, but candidates are welcome to bring their own equipment with them, eg, cricket bat, hockey stick, tennis racket.  Candidates who choose swimming as their chosen sport will do a trial in the pool and should bring swimming kit with them.

At the interview, the candidate will be asked to demonstrate keenness, knowledge and experience.  He or she should submit with their application any appropriate records of success and/or references from school, club or county coaches, if applicable. Gerrard Sports assessments and interviews will take place on Tuesday 27 January 2015.  All Rounder candidates who choose Sport as their support discipline will be assessed on the same day.  If you have any questions about the Sports Scholarship process, please contact Miss Hayley Mortimer, Head of PE by emailing


All Awards are made at the Headmaster’s discretion and are valid for the whole of the pupil’s school career, subject to the following conditions:

Academic:  The Awards are valid for the whole of the pupil’s school career and including A Level studies, assuming the pupil’s good behaviour, including the demonstration of scholarly endeavour.

Art:  Scholars will make full and frequent use of the facilities in order to develop their work.  Although they will be directed in conjunction with other pupils, their progress will be more closely monitored and they will have a tutorial at least once a term to discuss their artistic development.  Art scholars will be expected to study GCSE Fine Art, A-level Fine Art or IB Visual Arts.

Music:  Music Scholars are required to enter fully into the musical life of the School.

Drama:  Drama scholars are expected to opt for Drama at all levels, demonstrating keen commitment and enter fully into Drama events organised by the School, although the award itself does not guarantee a role in productions.

Sport:  Award holders will contribute wholeheartedly to the athletic life of the School through participation in representative sports, although the Award itself will not guarantee the holder a place in a team.  Once an Award has been made, the crucial factor for its continuance will be commitment rather than performance.

ICT:  ICT Scholars will be expected to take a full part in ICT department activities such as Junior ICT Technicians and Robotics clubs. In addition to this, they will be expected to opt for a KS4 ICT qualification. Currently this is IGCSE ICT in Years 10 and 11.

Design & Technology: A Design & Technology scholar will be expected to be fully involved in the ‘life’ of the Department and enter into the extra curricular side of the subject eg Greenpower.  A successful applicant is expected to study Design & Technology at GCSE and A Level / IB.

All Rounder: The Awards are valid for the whole of the pupil’s school career, including A Level studies and commitment to his/her choice of support subject(s).

It is the School Governors’ policy that scholarships, bursaries and family discounts do not aggregate.  Only the largest will apply at any one time.

Any Scholar who does not meet our expectations may have the Award decreased or terminated.  Please see Expectations of Scholars, attached.

For further information, please contact the Registrar, Taunton School, Taunton TA2 6AD. 01823 703700 or 

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